Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It costs $30,000 to fill up your iPod (Says Microsoft)

M$ marketing machine has now completely lost their mind (or) we have a space-time rift.

Their new ad, states:
Problem: It costs $30k to fill a 120Gb iPod. (Assuming $1/song and 30k songs)
Solution*: Pay $15/month and get a Zune (+$300 for the Zune)

*You lose all your music the day you stop paying. Then again, in this day and age -- what if M$ gets credit crunched -- this is quite possible given the their current marketing brain.

Two possibilities:
(a) Microsoft does not 'get' that people have friendly contacts* and how they interact and use the internet
(b) This 'ad' was meant for an alternative reality and somehow it leaked into our world -- caused by a space-time rift.

* The definition of a friendly contact on the internet is an entity that will freely share stuff they may or may not have actually purchased/created.

I find that the Internet Radio thing with its large set of channels quite sufficient for my music fix.

PS: If you are worried about the space-time rift, you can learn more about it at this article.