Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A decade of technology ...

I just wanted to sum up the decade that has just passed by in terms of technology. The list is from my own perspective and in no particular order....

  • Hardware: USB Memory Sticks, Multi-core, LCD panels, DDRx memory, iPhone, iPod, Digital Cameras
  • Comms: ADSL2, Wi-Fi, Bittorrent, Digital TV
  • Web: Google search, Blogging, RSS feeds, GMail, Reddit, Firefox
  • Social web: Facebook & Twitter
  • Apple - Amazon - eBay - Salesforce
  • Op.Sys: OSX, Ubuntu, Windows XP
  • Wikipedia
  • Slashdot still survives to serve the geeks (briefly distracted by Reddit/Digg)
  • Adobe Flash (I hope this one does not make it on the list for next decade)
  • Dev: Java, C#, AJAX, Web apps.
Winners: ADSL2, WiFi and AJAX