Saturday, April 18, 2009

UI Design (or lack of...)

Some designers never think .... these are a couple of links that came up on Reddit. (A Financial Company home page) (Sprint Telecommunications)

Think about the time a group of people spent on actually creating these sites. There is absolutely no rational explanation ... except, may be, this is the way the geeks and artists are getting back at the Telephone companies (for their plethora of nasty policies) and Financial companies for the current economic mess.

Interestingly, both of these User interfaces would look "so" cool for a 4-5 second shot in a movie. This is possibly how they got User acceptance -- just showed the project sponsors a couple of shot video clips.

If you are into UI design, do read the article from 37 Signals - Learning from Bad UI design.

There is always the classic - UI Hall of Shame on what not to do (it is quite old, but will certainly bring back memories from the past).

My fav. one about tabs from the UI hall of shame is ...

There was a time when MS Word got pretty close to this kind of mess with tabs. Thankfully, these days, the designers heavily use grouping icons and lists on the right hand side to provide drill-downs as needed (Eclipse IDE especially).

-- rv

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